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Glenda Krauss can create that custom look to any space. Anywhere.

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"My bathroom is on the Internet!"

Glenda did an exceptional job. I looked at what other muralist had to offer, but to see her work on her web page was the deciding factor.  Not only did she do fine work, but she listened to what I wanted.  Even to details I somehow forgot myself.  Professional and friendly, qualities that are hard to find these days. Most of all I tell my friends and family "My bathroom is on the Internet!" yours could be too. Thanks again Glenda


By: David in Louisville ,KY

"Most awesome artist I've ever met"

There is nothing she can't paint in a mural. She also does still portraits. Our office is the largest most state of the art facility in the lower Appalachian Region in West Virginia.  She turned it into a wonderland for our patients.  Everyone who sees it loves it.  We could not have chosen a more perfect person to do what we had done.  I am constantly getting requests for her name and website from random people who just come in to see the art work.



By: Ellen and Dr. Nnachi in West Logan, WV

"Hobby Room"

Glenda painted my hobby room with scenes from Yosemite.  She based it on some vacation pictures of mine.  All I can say is wow!  She does a great job, is very professional, and aims to please.  You won't be disappointed.


By: Joe in Greenville, IN

"We were lucky to find her," says Al. "We actually let our kids tell her exactly what they wanted in their rooms.  She has a knack for taking what you want to and bringing you into the creative process."




By: Louisville Fall Guide September 2006 pg. p14

Glenda created two ceiling murals, a faux copper finish in my kitchen and a faux wall treatment in our bedroom.  Her work is amazing to say the least!  She listens to all my ideas, likes and dislikes, and created things I could not even imagine.  She helped me figure out what I actually wanted.  Her work is elegant and alive, not flat and cartoonish like some muralists I have seen.  She took our home to another level.  I literally feel like I live in a palace.  Glenda is such a sweetheart, we enjoyed having her around every day.  We actually missed her when she was finished.  Our son wanted to know, "Why does Ms. Glenda not come to our house anymore?"


By, Jeuarlet from Lexington, Ky.

The artwork has had a special effect on children with autism, giving them captivation images to focus on and keeping them from becoming restless, Dr. Dreszer said.

In a practice with families who speak languages other than English, the animals have become a universal topic of conversation and interaction, the response has been so positive he's considering similar projects for the other locations he practices, downtown on Broadway and in the East End of Dutchmans Lane.






By: Louisville Medicine magazine Vol.58 no.5 October 2010

Glenda Krauss

A Little About me...

    Since I was a young girl growing up near Moline Illinois, I was inspired by my mother who is a self-taught artist. I was in awe of her talents. At age 13 she allowed me to paint my first mural in our basement above the washer and dryer. This is where my love of painting on a large scale began.


     I had always hoped to be a professional artist someday, but like most people, I didn’t pursue my dream right away. I married, had two sons and made that the priority in my life. Through the years though, I continued to work on my art when I could find the time in my busy schedule. Occasionally selling a painting while working on my techniques.


     In 2002 I settled in southern Indiana just outside of Louisville Kentucky. This is when I started to pursue my dream seriously. I began showing my modest portfolio around the area hoping someone would give me a chance to show what I could do given the opportunity. Although I’ve had no formal training as an artist, I was able to get my start when a few people had enough faith in me and my talents to trust me with their walls. Since 2009 my husband has joined me and together we travel all over the U.S. to transform plain surfaces into works of art.


     I want to thank everyone who has let me into their lives over the years and I hope your art has made you as happy as it’s made me!

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